The Webster SPICE Warriors

2012 Webster University – SPICE Chess Team

2012 Webster University – SPICE chess team, the #1 ranked division I college chess team in the United States, with President Beth Stroble and Provost Julian Schuster

GM Georg Meier
GM Wesley So
GM Manuel Leon-Hoyos
GM Fidel Corrales- Jimenez
GM Ray Robson
GM Anatoly Bykhovsky
GM Andre Diamant
GM Denes Boros
IM VItaly Neimer
FM Jake Banawa
WIM Inna Agrest
Mara Kamphorst
Vanita Young




Wesley’s big ice cream cake

Celebrating Wesley So’s 19th Birthday at SPICE!

:::  :::  :::  :::  :::

Wesley So’s New Home (Academic Year 2012-2013) Webster University, St. Louis, MO, USA (under Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence (SPICE) Scholarship Program)

Provost & SVP Julian Schuster with GM Wesley So

Here are all the SPICE titled players so far by the order of joining the program @  Webster University: 1. GM Andre Diamant (Brazil) – Webster University 8/2012 2. GM Anatoly Bykhovsky (Israel) – Webster University 8/2012 3. GM Georg Meier (Germany) – Webster University 8/2012 4. GM Denes Boros (Hungary) – Webster University 8/2012 5. GM Elshan Moradiabadi (Iran) – Webster University 8/2012 6. GM Wesley So (Philippines) – Webster University 8/2012 7. GM Ray Robson (USA) – Webster University 8/2012 8. GM Manuel Leon Hoyos (Mexico) – Webster University 8/2012 9. IM Vitaly Neimer (Israel) – Webster University 8/2012 10. FM/IM-elect Faik Aleskerov (Azerbaijan) SPICE 1st IM – Webster University 8/2012 11. FM Jake Banawa (USA) – Webster University 8/2012 12. WIM Inna Agrest (SWE) – Webster University 8/2012 ref:  :::  :::  :::  :::

Webster SPICE titled players roster

August 2012 ratings

GM Wesley So 2699 2652
GM Georg Meier 2698 2648
GM Fidel Corrales Jimenez na 2612
GM Ray Robson 2671 2598
GM Manuel Leon Hoyos 2632 2579
GM Anatoly Bykhovsky 2653 2527
GM Denes Boros 2531 2485
GM Andre Diamant 2527 2473
IM Vitaly Neimer 2406 2373
FM Jake Banawa 2366 2300
WIM Inna Agrest na 2214

reference: Webster SPICE titled players roster:::   :::   :::  :::  :::   :::

Getting the party started at Webster University – SPICE

GM Georg Meier – GM Wesley So – GM Fidel Corrales Jimenez – GM Ray Robson – GM Manuel Leon Hoyos – GM Anatoly Bykhovsky – GM Denes Boros – GM Andre Diamant – IM Vitaly Neimer – FM Jake Banawa – WIM Inna Agrest, etc. :::  :::  ::: Wesley So Arriving at Webster University Tuesday, August 14, 2012 GM Wesley So has just arrived at Webster University. This is a picture of him in front of his new apartment where he will room with GM Ray Robson.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 16, 2012 Webster University – SPICE Welcome Party

First day back at Webster University. Incoming freshmen and returning SPICE students were at my home for a get together with Webster University President Dr. Beth Stroble, Provost Dr. Julian Schuster, and other high level administrators.

We also celebrated the accomplishments of US Open Champs GM Manuel Leon Hoyos, GM Andre Diamant, and IM Vitaly Neimer, and to wish GM Georg Meier, GM Wesley So, GM Ray Robson, GM Manuel Leon Hoyos, and WIM Inna Agrest good luck at the upcoming Istanbul Olympiad.

1st official SPICE meeting at Webster University

SPICE training Tuesday, 21 August 2012

At the SPICE institute at Webster University (, we have individual, small group, and larger group training sessions. The main idea is to help maximize the strength of each player while minimizing their weaknesses (which include openings, middle / endgames, as well as tactic).

Susan Polgar: SPICE training with Wesley and Ray Robson to prepare for the Olympiad.

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