Mark Paragua Qualifies for Chess World Cup 2013; Li Chao Wins, Barbosa 2nd

by: joeyj

27 May 2013

Grandmaster Mark Paragua,  the 2013 Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) Cup International Chess &  2012 Philippines National Chess titlist,  pinned the 2nd of the five(5) qualification berth for the Chess World Cup (CWC) 2013 available in the just concluded Manny Pacquiao Cup – Asian Continental Chess (ACC) Championship 2013 in Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines conducted on 18-26 May 2013 with Midas Hotel as the venue.

GM Li Chao B(CHI) 2686 who had drawn safely his last round (R9) game with GM Paragua,  scored 7.0/9 with a Rating performance (Rp) of 2698, was the sole 1st place winner and took home the Manny Pacquiao Cup, the top prize & the 1st qualification berth for the World Cup 2013.

‘Mac-Mac’ Paragua en route to his 3rd World Cup (2005, 2011 & 2013) qualification,  scored 6.5/9 (4Wins-5Draws-NoLoss) points with an Rp of  2710.  He also had gained a +19.4 ELO points to jack-up his FIDE ‘Live Rating‘ to  2569.4.

(from Top to Bottom L-R) Li Chao (1st), Barbosa (2nd), Paragua (3rd), Le Quang Liem(4th), Adhiban(5th), Sasikiran(6th)

Paragua, actually finished the 9-round Swiss System “Standard” chess tournament tied with four(4) other players at 2nd – 6th  places who all scored 6.5/9 points but after the tie-break points been applied got the 3rd place overall with GM Barbosa Oliver (PHI)2566 notching 2nd place overall.  4th place overall went to GM Le Quang Liem (VIE)2714, GM Adhiban Baskaran (IND)2556 (5th place) and GM Sasikiran Krishnan  (IND)2669 (6th place).

But since GM Oliver Barbosa already had previously qualified for the World Cup 2013 in the last Asian Continental Chess Championship 2012 in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam last 5-13 May 2012 all of the other 6.5/9 pointers (Paragua, Le, Adhiban & Sasikiran) completed the 2nd to 5th berth for the World Cup 2013 with Li Chao taking the 1st berth.

Barbosa scored 6.5/9 (5Wins-3Draws-1Loss) with an Rp of 2605 and had gained a +5.6 in ELO points to advance his ‘Live rating‘ to  2571.6.

The other Filipino player who also had qualified earlier for the World Cup 2013 was GM Wesley So.  Wesley So earned his berth in the  Zone 3.3 Championships 2013 in Tagaytay City, Philippines on  January 22-29, 2013.

GM Sadorra Julio Catalino (PHI)2661, a senior student of  University of Texas–Dallas (UTD) a Dean’s lister, who will be graduating this December 2013 with a degree in Business Administration (focusing on Entrepreneurship), another Philippines hopeful for CWC 2013 who was the sole leader after round-4 with a perfect 4.0/4, yielded two sorry losses in the hands of  GM Paragua (R5) and GM Le (R8) and finished at 7th place overall scoring 6.0/9 (5Wins-2Draws-2Losses), a one berth short of making it to the World Cup. His consolation in this tournament was he gained a +10.8 ELO points to boost  his FIDE ‘Live Rating‘ to  2571.8.

Another Filipino in hot pursuit for the berth after the penultimate round (R8) with 5.5/8 was GM Gomez John Paul (PHI)2511 who needing a full point in R9 to catch-up, fell short losing his game to GM Adhiban Baskaran who was also at 5.5/8 and who eventually finished 5th place and the 4th berth for the World Cup.  JP Gomez finished 11th place overall scoring 5.5/9 (4Wins-3Draws-2Losses).

An International Master (IM) norms 

Per FIDE Title Regulations, in order to achieve an IM norm, a player must attain a tournament Rating performance (Rp) of at least 2450.

After 9-rounds at ACC 2013, the following Filipino players who had performed well in the tournament and had earned their respective IM norms are: (Note: for Continental Championships a ≥9 games IM Norm counts as 20 games or equivalent to 2-IM norms).

ref:   Final Ranking after 9 Rounds

Therefore, (from top to bottom L-R) Jerad Docena, Roel Abelgas, FM Roderick Nava & FM Mari Joseph Turqueza had earned two(2) IMs norms respectively.

Kudos to Eugene Torre Chess Foundation, the organizers, sponsors and its main sponsor the Philippines’ “all time great” world boxing champion in 8-weight-division Congressman Manny Pacquiao for the resounding success of this event. More events to come hopefully

Awarding Ceremony Photo (courtesy of

L-R: NCFP Exe Dir GM Jayson Gonzales, NCFP Dep Sec Gen Red Dumuk, NCFP Dir Atty. Rommel Tacorda, NCFP Chair for Youth and LGU’s DepEd ASEC Tonisito Umali Jr, Chief Arbiter IA Mehrdad Pahlevanzadeh, NCFP Grassroots Development and Promotions Chair Bayan Muna Party-List Rep. Neri Javier Colmenares, hidden GM Baskaran Adhiban of India (5th place), GM Mark Paragua (3rd place), GM Oliver Barbosa (2nd place), GM Li Chao of China (Champion, Open Div), WGM Huang Qian of China (Champion, Women’s Div), GM Le Quang Liem of Vietnam (4th place), GM Krishnan Sasikiran of India (6th place), Eric Pineda (Rep.Manny Pacquiao’s business manager), Asia’s First GM Eugene Torre, Pastor Galileo Moralizon, Alex Marquez (Director, Eugene Torre Chess Foundation)

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