GM Wesley So won Luneta Open Rapid Chess

by joeyj 
29 April 2012

In photo: GM So with Rizal Park Chess Foundation chairman Louie Ramos

The 2012 Luneta Open Rapid Chess Championship was held on 28 April (Sat) at the  Luneta Lapu-Lapu Plaza,  Rizal Park, Manila [1]. The organizer is the Rizal Park Chess Foundation.

The tournament format was a 7-round Rapid Swiss System participated by 123 players [30 rated (7-GMs, 4-IMs, 2-FM) and 93 non-rated].

GM Wesley So won a clear first place with 6.5 points (6-wins & 1-draw) , half a point ahead to 2nd & 3rd placers GM John Paul Gomez and Nelson Mariano III both with 6.0/7 [2].

SO Wesley 6-wins was against FULCHER Steaven Crenz(R-1), CO Marc(R-2), MARIANO Nelson III(R-3), GM BARCENILLA Rogelio(R-4), PARAGUA Mark(R-5), GARCIA Jan Emmanuel(R-7) and a draw with GM GOMEZ John Paul in R-6 for a 6.5/7 record [3].   He pocketed  P15,000 the top cash prize to the champion.

This one day tournament is a good warm-up training for GM Wesley So and the rest of NCFP players who will be participating  in the 11th Asian Continental/Individual Open  Chess Championships scheduled 4th to 14th May 2012 at The First Hotel, in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam [4].

The Final Ranking after 7 Rounds of play could be found at  [2]



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