GM Paragua Wins 2013 PSC Cup; Pascua and Gomez shares second

by:  joeyj   :   22  January 2013

Grandmaster Mark Paragua, as a follow up to his 2012 Philippines National Chess Championship trophy, won the 2013 Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) Cup International Chess Championship, a clear first place finish, held 14-20 January at the  Ninoy Aquino Stadium, Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, Manila.

GM Paragua, seeded 6th in this tournament, in route to his indisputable win, scored 7.5/9 from his  7Wins-1Draw-1Loss record with a Rating Performance (Rp) of 2677 and a +17.2 FIDE rating points gain.  His final round (R9) draw against the 3rd seed GM Rogelio ‘Joey’ Antonio Jr. nailed the championship Cup.

The Philippines promising 19-year-old FM Haridas Pascua who had an incredible run in this tournament tying GM Paragua after round-8 and had a rare chance for the title succumbed to GM John Paul Gomez in round-9 and settled on the shared second place finish with his lone conqueror.

FM Pascua scored 7.0/9 (6Wins-2Draws-1Loss) that could have been enough for his 1st GM norm and his 3rd and final IM norm but according to him he missed both due to only one(1) opponent coming from other federation.  He also had gained a +36.2 rating points that up his Live Rating to 2422.2.  This is another milestone he achieved a 2400+ rating requirement for IM title.

GM Gomez who had a late surge also scored 7.0/9 (7Wins-2Losses) to share second place.

Top 22

Final Ranking after 9 Rounds
FIDE Handbook: Requ
irements for the titles designated in 0.31

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