GM Oliver Barbosa wins 19th Int’l Open Grandmasters Chess 2014

28 March 2014

GM Oliver Barbosa,  the Philippines’ Nr 3 top rated chess player, once again delivered  sterling performances that won first place via tiebreak points in “The 19th International Open Grandmasters Chess Tournament 2014” also known as “The 6th Kolkata Open” that took place from 18th to 27th March  2014 at Gorky Sadan, Kolkata, West Bengal (India) that was organized by the Alekhine Chess Club.

Barbosa, seeded only Nr.11 in this prestigious chess tournament, participated by a strong field of 77 rated players from 13 Federations composed of 55-titled players  [27 GMs (7-Super GMs with rating of 2600+), 4 WGMs, 18 IMs & 6 others], enroute to the coveted title had to overcome the odds and completed the 10-round Swiss System “Standard” chess  scoring 7.5/10  (+5-0=5) points with an impressive rating performance (Rp) of 2688 and  a  +15.8 gain in rating points.  This bring his “Live Rating” to  2579.8  or a 2580 come April 2014 FIDE rating list just  20 points short for a Super GM status (2600+).

His 5-wins (+5) includes crucial won games against 2-super-GMs,  Georgian GM Pantsulaia Levan (GEO)2606 in R7 and Russian GM Landa Konstantin (RUS)2645 in R9. His three other won games were against IM Karthikeyan P. (IND)2355 in R1,  IM Swapnil S. Dhopade (IND)2424 in R2 and GM Laxman R.R. (IND)2454 in R5.

GM Oliver Barbosa Round-by-round Results: 

His 5-drawn (=5) games were against:  IM Ghosh Diptayan (IND)2481 in R3,  GM Haznedaroglu Kivanc (TUR)2462 in R4, GM Kunte Abhijit (IND)2439 in R6, GM Vidit Santosh Gujrathi (IND)2602 in R8 & GM Rahman Ziaur (BAN)2486 in R10.

It was a thrilling down to the wire finish. After the penultimate round (R9), with GMs Vidit and Barbosa winning their respective R9 games, they were both tied at 7.0/9 apiece with Vidit having a higher tiebreak points.

R10: GM Rahman Ziaur(BAN)2486-GM Oliver Barbosa PHI(2564):  ½-½

In the last round (R10), after GMs Barbosa and Ziaur Rahman  game ended in a 38 moves draw,  Barbosa  waited patiently for the game result between GMs Lalith and Vidit that lasted in 97 moves to get affirmation of his title, as a win or a draw for GM Vidit would have put the Indian on the top.  But GM Lalith crushed Vidit’s dreams of clinching the title with a win over his compatriot.

Final Standings:data:text/mce-internal,

Barbosa 1st place(center), GM Lalith 2nd place (right) & Kunte 3rd place(left)

GM Barbosa and  GM Lalith (IND)2585 finished tied at first place both scoring 7.5/10 but GM Barbosa won 1st place and the title with a higher tiebreak(TB) points.  GM Lalith settled for 2nd place while GM Vidit who ended with 7.0/10 tied with GMs Kunte, Rahman & Adhiban for 3rd to 6th  places with Vidit settling for 4th place via tiebreak points

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GM Oliver Barbosa Live Rating


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