GM Julio Catalino Sadorra is Philippines Newest Super Grandmaster


01 April 2014

It’s official.  GM Julio Catalino ‘Ino’ Sadorra, the Philippines 14th Chess Grandmaster (2011), became the Philippines 3rd Super Grandmaster (SGM) with a FIDE rating of 2605 as of April 2014 FIDE rating list. Sadorra joins the elite group of Filipino Super GMs (2600+) lead by Mark Paragua who in Jan 2006 was the 1st Filipino to breach the 2600+ mark with a FIDE rating of 2618 and Wesley So who in Oct 2008 was the 2nd Filipino to breach the SGM mark with his FIDE rating of 2610.

Mark Paragua(2006), Wesley So(2008) & Julio Sadorra(2014) 

The US based 27-year-old Julio Sadorra (born 14 Sep 1986), who grow-up in Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines and a mainstay of multi-titled University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) Team “A” until he graduated Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies, Cum Laude, in Dec 2013, achieved the SGM status unofficially when he won the 2014 Lone Star Open (21-23 Feb 2014) in Houston, Texas and registered a Live Rating of 2600.9 at the end of the tourney.

GM Julio Sadorra round-by-round results at 2014 Lone Star Open

Ino Sadorra followed this up when he again won 1st place in the 21st Annual Western Class Championship (7-9 March 2014) in Southern California where he gained a +4.1 rating points to increase his Live Rating to 2605.

GM Julio Sadorra round-by-round results @ 21st Western Class Championships

In 2013, it can be recalled that GM Sadorra who after tying for 1st Place @ 2013 UT Dallas Spring Open (9-13 March 2013) had confided to this writer about his two(2) long & short-term plan  after graduation:
1. Working for an established chess school (long term)
2. To play & represent the Philippines in the 2014 Chess Olympiad and the Asian Games.

An update from Ino (thru FB chat), as for the #1 goal,  he is currently writing chess articles for an online chess training platform called that partners with federations and schools all over the world.

In 2012, GM Sadorra finished 2nd place next to GM Paragua at the 2012 Philippines National Chess Championship [also known as the Battle of Grandmasters (BOGM)]  and an outright qualification for the Istanbul 2012 Olympiad but had to begged off so he could concentrate on with his studies at UTD.  With his current official FIDE rating of 2605 as of April 2014 he now ranks as the #2 Top rated player of the Philippines next only to GM Wesley So who is now rated at 2738 that ranks #19 in the World & #2 in Asia (next only to former WC & 2014 WCC challenger GM V. Anand of India).  GMs So & Sadorra are a cinch to lead Team Philippines in the 2014 Chess Olympiad and the Asian Games given the opportunity.

According to Ino, he is currently focusing on studying and playing chess regularly in tournaments to prepare himself, hopefully for the Olympiad.

He also attributed his significant progression starting late 2013 was due to a couple of GM coaches that had helped him and to the support of Filipinos in Texas (Dr. Darcy Tabotabo, Gilbert Ababat, Jojo Dondon, Mitch Vergara, Alfred Palang & WNM Susan Itaas from NY) who had contributed for the training fees, pinoys who understood the importance of training and the need for a good GM Coach.

Of course, GM Sadorra is also thankful for the undying support of his parents Bing and Maria Luisa Sadorra who had helped him achieved his goals since he was 9-yrs-old, and also to the support and inspiration from his intelligent and beautiful wife Katie Ener Sadorra.

GM Sadorra’s next target would be 2650. But according to him, this will take some time and plenty of training work

Mabuhay ka GM Ino Sadorra !!!

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