Bersamina wins U14 Gold in 13th ASEAN+ Age-Group Chess Championship

by:  joeyj   :   16  June 2012

Paulo Bersamina at 13th ASEAN Age-Group Chess Championship Hue, Vietnam

FM Paulo Bersamina,  the Philippines youngest ever to win the National Junior Championship in 2010 at age 12yrs-3mos-23days,  won the Gold medal  at the 13th ASEAN+ Age-Group  Chess Championship for U14 Open Division “Standard Chess” held in Hue, Vietnam on 11-15 June 2012, scoring 7.5/9 (6wins & 3draws), a solo first and a full point ahead the two Silver medallists Pham Minh Hieu of Vietnam and Azarya Jodi Setyaki of Indonesia who both scored 6.5/9.

Spartan1998, as known to his avid fans, en route to the coveted Gold medal, won his last three rounds (7, 8 & 9) with the penultimate round (8th) as the most crucial when he won and grab the lead from the erstwhile leader Vietnam’s Pham Minh Hieu then again scored another big win against India’s Rohan Ahuja in the last round to nail the ‘Gold’.

Two other Philippines’ U14 were in the Top 20 namely Daryl Unix Samantila (13th) and Jasper  Gerald Marce (18th) who scored 5.0/9 and 4.5/9 respectively.

Top 20 Final Standing U14

This is the second individual Gold medal that Bersamina won in the ASEAN+ Age-Group Championship “Standard Chess” in two different Age-Group (U12 & U14).  His first was in the 11th ASEAN+ Age-Group for U12 Open Division “Standard Chess” held in Subic Freeport, Philippines on 5-10 June 2010, where he actually won a triple Gold [Standard, Rapid(1st Gold Medal in Rapid) & Blitz(1st Gold Medal in Blitz)].

 In “Standard Chess”  there are 12 Age-Groups or divisions (U08U10U12U14U16U20 G08G10G12G14G16G20)   where ASEAN+ countries aim for 24 Golds, 24 Silvers and 24 Bronzes for Individual (36) and Team (12) medals at stake.  At the end of 9 Rounds for each divisions, the Philippines collected   4 Golds   [ 3(Ind’l) +  1(Team)],  13  Silvers [2(Individual) +  11(Team)] and 1(Ind’l) Bronze for a total of 18 medals.
Team Philippines “STANDARD” chess Medals

Team Philippines medal winners and their respective new FIDE Titles  acquired in the 13th ASEAN+ Age-Group  Chess Championship  ‘Standard Chess’ are as follows:


A. Individual (3)
1.  Paulo Bersamina :  U14(Open)
2. Literatus Austin Jacob :  U16(Open) :  FM(New Title)
3. Pimentel Joel :  U20(Open)  :  IM(New Title)

B. Team:  (1)
1. U16(Open)
Literatus Austin Jacob
Fagon Romy
Medina Vince Angelo


A. Individual (2)
1.  Pangilinan Stephen : U10(Open)  :  CM(New Title)
2.  Mirano Mira :  G16 :  WCM(New Title)

B.  Team:  (11)

  1.  U8(Open)
    Mordido Justine
    Ventanilla Billy Samuel
    Jethro Aquino
  2. U10(Open)
    Pangilinan Stephen
    Canino Ronald
    Paler Emanuel Van
  3. U12(Open)
    Lemi Daniel John
    Marcella Mark James
    Miciano John Marvin
  4. U14(Open)
    Paulo Bersamina
    Daryl Unix Samantila
    Marce Jasper Gerald
  5. U20(Open)
    Pimentel Joel
    Turqueza Mari Joseph
    Salgados Lennon Hart
  6. G8(Girls)
    San Diego Jerlyn Mae
    Gonzalez Alphecca
    Ramos Methusellah
  7. G10(Girls)
    Magpily Francois Marie
    Baclayon Me Ann Joy
    Palaming Regyne
  8. G12(Girls)
    Alexis Anne Osena
    Docena Jesca
    Diaz Natori Biazza
  9. G14(Girls)
    Shania Mae Mendoza
    Revita Samantha Glo
    Moulic Ella Grace
  10. G16(Girls)
    Mirano Mira
    Galas Bernadette
    Jamaca Alyssa Ysaiah
  11. G20(Girls)
    San Diego Marie Antoinette
    Frayna Janelle Mae
    Romero Gladys Hazelle M


A.  Individual  (1)
1.  Fagon Romy  :  U16(Open)  :  CM(New Title)

FM Bersamina and the rest of Team Philippines are also scheduled to participate in their respective Age-Group for the 7-rounds ‘Rapid Chess’ (June 17)  & 9-rounds ‘Blitz Chess’ (June 18) events of the ASEAN+ Championship 2012.

2.     Regulations for 13th ASEAN+ Age-Group Chess Championship
3.     Final Standing (Standard) 

1st update:   19  June 2012

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