Eugene Torre

GM Eugene Torre PHI

Eugenio Torre (born November 4, 1951) is a chess Grandmaster (GM). He is considered the strongest chess player the Philippines has ever produced during the 1980s and 1990s period.  He has the distinction of being the first Asian to earn the title of International Grandmaster. He accomplished the feat at the age of 22 when he won a bronze medal on board 1 at the 21st World Chess Olympiad held in Nice, France in 1974.

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15 thoughts on “Eugene Torre

  1. Correction: Eugenio Torre obtained the silver medal on Board 1 in the 1974 Nice Olympiad where he earned his grandmaster title – the first in Asia and in the Philippines. Anatoly Karpov got the gold on Board 1.

  2. I had the chance of playing against GM Eugene Torre in 1978 (20 Simul Games at the Hotel Intercon, Makati). Though I lost that game, talagang magaling siya kasi he anticipated our moves and he moves goes from one board to another (very fast) without the appearance that he is thinking deeply. He won all the 20 boards.

  3. Hi Eugene, I know you know that the “Old Chess” that your friend Bobby Fischer is NOT dead otherwise you would not be playing it?? Why did you let down the one friend that showed you the way to play? Bobby said (and I have listened and re-listened to the amazing “live” interviews that Bobby and you did on Bomba Radyo) where Bobby said “the old chess was memorization and pre-arrangement, not a real test of sportsmanship and skill” ? I don’t get it “Euge” I play nothing but Fischer/Random and why aren’t you promoting FR Chess exclusively?
    You can contact me at My name is Leon and I was born and raised in Calcutta, India, and By the Way, Chess originated in India, went to Persia and was brought by the Mughals to the West. the “old chess” is only one of the 960 openings, as you very well know.

  4. Eugene, you had read your email address to Bobby Fischer but I tried it and it was “undeliverable”. Why beat a “Dead Horse” by playing the “Old Chess”???? I have played Chess for now well over 42 years + and I never ever knew a thing about Caro-Khan defense, Kings Gambit declined, etc, etc…dot, dot, dot..(as Bobby would fondly say…) that “old Chess” is the accepted Bull-shit and I have to come to find out that the US Chess Federation does not approve Fischer/Random. Bobby very well knew it huh? I will do my best with or without your help in promoting Bobby’s “Real Chess” not the bullshit memorized “trick” play openings of 200+ years of “old fashioned Chess”

  5. MORE POWER to You GM Eugene Torre.- First Grand Master of Asia!! 🙂 if Ever makapasyal po Kayo Davao give me a beep po. Thanks

  6. Good day. Matagal ko nang iniisip ang plano na ito na sa tingin ko ay makakatulong sa development ng chess sa mga Filipino players. Tuwing pumupunta ako sa book store, lahat ng chess books ay nakasulat sa English. Kaya naisip ko panahon na para makapagproduce ng chess book na nakasulat sa Filipino, since we have you legendary Eugene Torre, marahil magiging madali yun. Napansin ko kasi ang daming chess players(na makikita mo karamihan sa mga iskinita at tabing kalsada), magagaling sila kaso karamihan sa kanila hindi nakakaintindi ng ingles, na language ng mga chess books. Ginagaya Lang nila ang notation tapos lalaruin nila, konting analysis tapos ok na. Pero hindi nila naabsorb ang buong principles ng bawat move mula umpisa hanggang dulo.
    Marami ring mga bata ang gustong maglaro ng chess kaso Hindi nila mapakinabangan ang mga chess books dahil Hindi pa naman sila fluent sa ingles lalo na ang mga bata na Hindi naman anak mayaman.
    Marami ang matutulungan ng chess book sa linguwaheng Filipino. Maraming beginners ang may malaking chansa na mag improve sa mabilis na panahon. Ang iba kasi pag palagi silang talo, nawawala na ng interes, Hindi nila maintindihan kung ano ang Mali, ano ba dapat gawin etc.
    Sana magkaroon ng Filipino chess books sa positional play, opening, endgame etc.
    Sana mabasa mo to idol.

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