Wei Yi : The World’s Youngest Super Grandmaster

by: joeyj
Fri, 1
 Nov 2013

On November 2013 FIDE rating list publication, officially, GM Wei Yi (born 2 June 1999) of China breached the 2600 mark, the super-Grandmaster status with a 2604 rating.

Wei Yi, at age 14yrs-4mos-30days, now becomes the youngest ever to achieve the 2600+ milestone. He broke the previous record of Philippines’ GM Wesley So, who breached the 2600 mark with 2610 rating on 1 October 2008 at age 14yrs-11mos-22days.   Wei Yi’s record is 6 months & 22 days younger than Wesley So,.whose record stood  for  5yrs & 1 month.

Wei Yi, Wesley So, Radjabov & Carlsen

The Top List of 9 youngest GMs of all time who had breached the 2600+ mark are as follows: 

Teimour Radjabov at age 15yrs & 20 days came in 3rd youngest and closely followed by the 4th youngest – Magnus Carlsen who at age 15yrs & 32 days was just 12 days older than Radjabov.

Additionally. GM  Wei Yi, is also the 4th Youngest Grandmaster of all time at age 13 yrs-8mos-24 days.

To date,  there are only 6-GMs that had achieved GM status at age 13-years-old and under withSerjey Karjakin at age 12yrs & 7months as the youngest,  Parimarjan Negi (2nd Youngest), Magnus Carlsen (3rd youngest), Wei Yi (4th), Bu Xiangzhi(5th) & Richard Rapport(6th).


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