Wei Yi The World’s Youngest Grandmaster at 13yrs-8mos-24days

by:  joeyj   :   03 March 2013

The latest 13 years of age, to qualify the GM status was China’s Wei Yi, born 2 June 1999, when in the 9th round of a 10 rounder Reykjavik Open on 26 February 2013 he scored 7.0/9 and registered a Rating performance of 2661 that was more than enough to achieve his 3rd and final GM norm.

Since he also had passed the 2500 rating barrier (one of the requirement for a GM title) with his 2501 rating since January 2013, he finally had completed all the requirements for a GM title.

With this feat International Master  Wei Yi now becomes the 4th Youngest Grandmaster of all time at age 13 yrs-8mos-24 days and also currently the world’s youngest grandmaster.

GMs @ 13-years-old and under

No. Player FED Yrs Mos Days Born GM
1 Serjey Karjakin UKR 12 7 0 1990 2002
2 Parimarjan Negi IND 13 4 22 1993 2006
3 Magnus Carlsen NOR 13 4 27 1990 2004
4 Wei Yi CHN 13 8 24 1999 2013
5 Bu Xiangzhi CHN 13 10 13 1985 1999
6 Richard Rapport HUN 13 11 6* 1996 2010

To far,  there are only 6-GMs that achieved GM status at age 13-years-old and under with Serjey Karjakin at age 12yrs & 7months as the youngest,  Parimarjan Negi (2nd Youngest), Magnus Carlsen (3rd youngest), Wei Yi (4th), Bu Xiangzhi(5th) & Richard Rapport (6th).

Here’s the 3 GM norms of Wei Yi:

GM Norm Year Date Tournament Venue
1 2012 02-15 Aug World Junior Chess Championship Athens, Greece
2 2012 10-17 Oct Indonesia Open Championship Jakarta, Indonesia
3 2013 19-27 Feb Reykjavik Open Harpa, Reykjavik, Iceland

Wei Yi acquired his 1st GM norm at the World Junior Chess Championship 2012 when he scored 8.5/13 and a Rating performance (Rp) of 2613.

His 2nd GM norm he acquired at the Indonesia Open Championship 2012 when he scored 5.5/9 and an Rp of 2600.

*Richard Rapport age was recomputed using 3 March 2010 as the date when he completed his 3rd & final GM norm (Round 9 of Gotth’Art Kupa 2010 in Szentgotthárd). From  25 March 1996 (born) to 3 March 2010 is  13yrs-11mos-6days


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