Despedida for the Chairman: August 11, 2012

by:  spawn2
August 12, 2012
Pics by:  Regge Tee &  Dari  Castro 

Part 1

Got a text and call from Mr. Dari Castro the ever dependable friend of Regge Tee (Master Isku fondly call them Kato and Green: ) one and a half weeks back informing me that Regge is organizing a despedida party for GM Wesley So who will fly back to the U.S. tomorrow to attend the orientation in his new school and submit some school requirements.

Master Isku, Regge & Dari

I texted the usual suspects to extend to them the invitation of Regge Tee and Dari and these were the people from BW-GETS who confirmed their attendance:

Sheriff, Joeyj, kardopov, rusticbull, spawn2 and angel of death.

The plan was to hold the dinner in a restaurant near Mr. Tee’s house and after dinner, the group will trek back to Regge’s home for some games and story swapping.

The chosen restaurant is North Park in Tomas Morato. I met with sheriff and kardopov in Mcdo Q. Ave cor Edsa and proceeded to regge’s house. Joeyj, rusticbull and angel of death proceeded to the restaurant.

At exactly 6:30 pm, we entered the restaurant and immediately saw Mr. Iggy Dee, writer par excellence.

By 7:30 pm, all guests were seated to partake the bountiful feast of Chinese food in front of us.

Part 2

These are the attendees:

<The Organizers>
Regge Tee
Dari Castro

<The Masters>
GM Wesley So 
GM Eugene Torre 
GM Darwin Laylo 
NM Glenn Bordonada 

<The Writers>
Iggy Dee
Marlon Bernardino

<The Friends>
Joebert Valenzuela

<The Computer Expert> Edwin Llamo

angel of death

While we were eating we felt that we are battling a Hydra Monster. As soon as we finish one viand, two viands are delivered by the waiters. Noodles, Roast Chicken, Yang Chow Fried Rice, Fried Dimsum, Beef in Oyster Sauce, Hainanese Chicken, Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet were consumed by everyone with gusto!

Stories were exchanged, pictures taken just like the plates containing the viands by all attendees.

After dinner, it was time to go to Mr. Tee’s house which is around 3oo meters from the restaurant. Husband duties beckoned to Iggy Dee that is why he had to leave early.

When we entered the house of Regge, we were greeted by Marco, a Belgian Shepherd one of the smartest breed of dogs in the world. We were very careful and behave in order not to get the ire of Marco. Need to go up three (3) flights of stairs before we reached the roof top. We thought that we have escaped Marco, but here comes Rafa, a boxer who gave us a sniff job to see if we are the type of people who should be allowed to enter his territory.

Thank God, the weather cooperated. The wind was not too strong, the temperature a little cold. Very conducive for some red wine, good cheese and spam: )

<Last Part>

Some salient points in the kwentuhan sa rooftop:

1. Top 20 is within reach. Top 10 is not impossible.

2. GM Jason Gonzalez might play the role of the coach/team manager of the Men’s Team.

3. M. Bernardino asked a hypothetical question : What if P-Noy approached NCFP and say “I will give you a very big budget, can you ensure that we will win 1st place in the Olympiad.
Everyone said that we will need at least 5 to 10 years or even more to make it happen.

4. If we perform well, we just might catch the attention of corporate sponsors to take a second look at chess. But media friends should help promote the successful campaign.

5. The Team will leave on the 26th of August.

6. Got a tip from NM Glenn Bordonada on how to improve one’s game in the internet:
“Don’t pay too much attention/get attached to your online rating. Once you start getting conscious of it, you will try to protect it and this will affect your game. Enjoy the game whether you win or lose. In the end, you will notice your rating increase as you improve.”

It was past 12 midnight when we left Tomas Morato. We bid everyone goodnight and wish both GM Eugene and GM Wes a successful Olympiad campaign.

Thank you regge tee for the hospitality you extended to the group. Sa uulitin!


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