Barangay Wesley

Wesley Chess Cafe Opening/Inauguration & Blessing (January 7, 2012) :
4th Floor, Robinson’s Place, Imus, Cavite
Guest of Honor:  NCFP President/Chairman Prospero “
Butch”Pichay Jr.

Maging Sino Ka Man at Meralco Canteen – Feb 4,2012

To be continued …  other BW Activities !

8 thoughts on “Barangay Wesley

  1. idol joeyj, pano po ba magreg ng account dito. di talaga ako makareg sa pacland. d2 nalang ako. ung isang site mo po di ko na maaccess.

    • Just visit here more often bro wudposeer ! For the time being we just remain as simple as this !

      At Pacland just apply & apply again & again under different names until you get one or more of your user names ! The 1st one approved use it & the others will be your reserves if also approved ! LoL

      The other Wesley So website was temporarily discontinued by the owner, hence the creation of this blog site so i could readily post my works.

  2. Does Webster U chess team were ranked according to their current ELO rating? Kindly explain to me how Le Q. L. got board #1 assignment ahead of So. So is more senior at Webster than Le and So (*ELO 2738) have a higher ELO rating than Le (*ELO-2709).

    * FIDE rating List for February 2014

    • Webster U’s Board assignment was not really based according to their current ELO rating. The Team was really that strong that their coach, GM Susan Polgar was confident that she could assign her players to any board. e.g. GM Wesley So was assigned at Board 3 to give him lighter assignment coz Wesley was also preparing for the Tata Steel 2014. He need to preserve his preparation & novelties for the bigger event.

      And Board assignment was the coach prerogative & strategy.

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