Chessaccount  is a blog to provide you some account of the records in chess that are not usually available or been written in a single news or report.  Hope as you visit chessaccount you will find chess records this author had thoroughly researched, compiled, written and logged hereat for your information, quick reference and/or for whatever purpose it may serve you best.

Additionally, it will feature GM Wesley So PHI, GM Eugene Torre PHI, Philippines GMs,  other promising and upcoming Philippines chess players as well as of the olden days. 

 Occasionally, it will also feature other chess players worldwide.

About the author:

Jose ‘joey’ Jereos  jr  a.k.a.  joeyj

An engineer, researcher, systems analyst, teacher/preacher, lecturer, former military officer, businessman, sports buff as well as chess enthusiast.

Also a member of Barangay Wesley So (BW) and  GM Eugene Torre Supporters (GETS) @ chessgames.com, chess.com, pinoychess.informe.com and a Paclander @ pinoygreats.com
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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Bakit wala ang Pilipinas sa Top Countries ng FIDE Chess Ratings? Nagtataka ako, sa dinami dami ng GMs sa PHL, hindi naman sa kasali sa FIDE.

  2. Hello bro. Joey. Nice to know that we have a chess player who is a Christian. So am I. I am following Wesley So’s career and your accounts at Pacland. Keep up the good work!

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