GMs Pavel Eljanov, Wesley So and Bassem Amin Wins Reykjavik 2013


GMs Pavel Eljanov, Wesley So and Bassem Amin Wins Reykjavik 2013.

by:  joeyj   :   28  February 2013

Bassem Amin (Egypt), Pavel Eljanov (Ukraine), Wesley So (Philippines)

A 3-way tie for first place ensued at the Reykjavik Open 2013 when GM Pavel Eljanov and GM Wesley So, leaders the previous round, agreed to draw their final game (R10) at Board1 in just 3-moves to finish on top with 8.0/10 points.  But GM Bassem Amin, not to be left behind, scored a big win against the #10 seed GM Gajewski Grzegorz(POL)2644 at Board4 in the last round to join as one of the 3-winners.

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Reykjavik Open 2013


Reykjavik Open 2013.

by:  joeyj   :   27  February 2013

Round-9 (26 Feb 2013)

Pavel Eljanov and Wesley So on the lead

GM Pavel Eljanov  & GM Wesley So

GMs Pavel Eljanov and Wesley So scored separate victories in Board 1 & Board 2 against their respective co-leaders while the two other co-leaders at Board 3 settled for draw that resulted for the two to tie for the lead scoring 7.5/9 points going into the last round (R10).

Pavel Eljanov of Ukraine repulsed the higher rated GM Liren Ding of China in Bo.1 whereas the Philippines GM Wesley So dismantled Polish GM Dziuba Marcin Caro-Kann Defense in Bo.2 with a Queen sacrifice in exchange of a rook and bishop starting the 20th move that ended with a checkmate in move 41.

GM Wesley So ‘LIVE Rating’ after R9 had soared to 2701.4 that breached for the first time the 2700 rating mark.  According to his coach GM Susan Polgar @ Webster University, “Wesley So has become the 1st Filipino and American collegiate player to break the 2700 mark. It is a double achievement for Wesley!”

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Magnus Carlsen breaks his own rating records


Magnus Carlsen breaks his own rating records.

by:  joeyj   :   01  February 2013

The official FIDE ratings for February 2013 has been published with GM Magnus Carlsenbreaking his previous ‘All-Time-High’ rating of 2861 (January 2013) to the ‘New-All-Time-High’ rating of 2872 and that is a +11 higher.

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