GM Eugene Torre All Set for his 21st Olympiad

GM Eugene Torre All Set for his 21st Olympiad.

by:  joeyj   :   01  August 2012

This one for the Guinness Book of World Records !!!

Then again, Asia’s First Grandmaster (AFGM) Eugene Torre, born November 4, 1951 in Iloilo City,   is on the threshold of breaking  his own & Hungary’s GM Lajos Portisch   20 non-consecutive Olympiad record when he is scheduled to participate  in the 40th World Chess Olympiad in Istanbul, Turkey this coming 27 August  to 10 September 2012.   For the record, this would be his 21st non-consecutive participation in the World Chess Olympiad at age 60.

Philippine National Team (Open/Men) from 1970 to 2012 World Chess Olympiad

Previously, in 2006, he also broke Finland’s GM Heikki Westerinen 18 consecutive Olympiad participation by registering his 19th consecutive (1970-2006) at the 37th Chess Olympiad in Turin, Italy.

Additionally, AFGM Eugene Torre also registered his 17th consecutive record (1972-2004) as Board-1 or Top Board player in the Chess Olympiad.  This he  achieved in the 36th Olympiad in Calvia, Spain (2004).

In his 20 participation at the Olympiad, Eugene Torre had played in 243 games (89Wins-114Draws-40Losses) scoring  146.0/243 points.

His topnotch performances were winning *3-Bronze medal as Top Board (Board-1) player  in 1974, 1980 & 1986.

I.  1974 (21st Chess Olympiad)  :  9Wins & 10Draws  scoring  14.0/19 points for a 73.7% performance.

II.  1980 (24th Chess Olympiad)  :  9Wins-4Draws-1Loss scoring  11.0/14 points ) for a performances of 78.6%

III.   1986 (27th Chess Olympiad)  :  7Wins-5Draws-1Loss scoring 9.5/13 points  with a 73.1% performance.

In 1988, Eugene Torre lead  Team Philippines to its highest ever  7th place finish in the World Chess Olympiad  in Thessaloniki, Greece (28th Chess Olympiad).   This broke the previous 11th place finish in 1974, the 21st Chess Olympiad in Nice, France where he also led Team Philippines.

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Torre, Eugenio
(The Philippines)


Addendum:   * But in our (BW-GETS) August 11, 2012 interview with AFGM Eugene Torre, he said that he got a SILVER MEDAL in Board-1 in the 1974 ‘Nice’ Chess Olympiad, instead of a Bronze as published by OlimpBase, behind GM Anatoly Karpov who got the Gold medal. The silver medal is in his position and in fact the news was all over the media during that time.  Additionally, he added that OlimpBase should rectify this.

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AFGM Eugene Torre & Ed Bernal (1980 & 1984 Olympiad PHI Team Member) with GM Eugene Torre Supporters (GETS)

GM Eugene Torre’s Top Secret … Now It Can Be Known !!!

What was AFGM Eugene Torre’s secret weapons before and during the 2012 National Chess Championship : 5th BOGM  … now can be known !

Yes, his human cluster was actually fairly impressive too!  He did had a HUDDLE, REVIEW & GAMES ANALYSIS with his longtime Philippines Olympiad ‘buddy’ & teammate NM Eduardo Bernal (1980 & 1984) i.e. Old & very reliable openings and as described by master Ed as their ‘Pansol study’ !    But of course, PLUS + PLUS + PLUS INVALUABLE  & ABLE SUPPORT of GM Eugene Torre Supporters (GETS).  MABUHAY !!! 

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