World’s Youngest To Attain GM, 2600, 2700, 2800 and WC

World’s Youngest To Attain GM, 2600, 2700, 2800 and WC

by:  joeyj

Sergey Karjakin, Wesley So, Magnus Carlsen & Garry Kasparov

I.  Youngest Grandmasters  (GMs) in history

As published by on 07 August 2011 [1], with Bobby Fischer’s age at 15yrs-6mos-1day as the benchmark, below chart is the compiled list of the 34 players (updated) who held the record for the youngest chess grandmasters (GMs) in history. The age listed (years, mths & days) is the age reckoned on the actual date a player had qualified as a GM (not FIDE’s official rating dates) and the year they gained the title. There are 22 GMs listed at 14-years-old and below and another 12 GMs (No. 23-34) listed at 15 to 15½ years old when they qualified for the title.

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5 thoughts on “World’s Youngest To Attain GM, 2600, 2700, 2800 and WC

  1. Posting comment/kibitz @

    twinlark: I like the hierarchy he defines…GM – Super GM – Hydra (!) or Hyper-GM and Elite GM. Surely an Ultra-GM can be fitted in here somewhere?

    Then we can start using compounds like Super-Ultra GMs, Hyper-Elite GMs and Hyper-Ultra GMs.

    The World Champion by definition should be an Ultra-Ultra GM.

    ::: ::: ::: ::: :::

    My response: joeyj

    Actually, as i ponder on how to categorize & name the 2600, 2700 & 2800+ i came about with this article “Elite Grandmaster” :

    There’s no problem about 2600+ coz it’s already acceptable using a Super-GM (SGM) title.

    On the 2700+ there’s a division in the selection of name … some call it “Hydra-GM” while also others call it “Hyper-GM”. Hydra i think is a misnomer here if we look at it in dictionary but i believe the title came about because of the “Hydra chess engine” that came about in 2006 with an estimated FIDE equivalent playing strength of over Elo 3000.

    Hyper-GM (HGM) could mean “over & above” the Super-GM (2600+) & it has a right meaning.

    I like the ULTRA-GM (you said) … that could mean as “far beyond the norm” of a Super-GM & Hyper-GM … and that is at 2800+ (UGM).

    A World Champion is quite the most descriptive title that speak for itself ! An ULTRA-GM could still be an appropriate additional title for him irregardless he reached the 2800+ level or not coz it could be bestowed to him being a World Champion!

    The “ELITE GRANDMASTER” (EGM) could now be used interchangeably describing A GROUP of 2700+ (HGM), 2800+ (UGM) & WC i.e. a Tournament comprised of Elite GMs (EGMs) !

    Now, we could submit this proposal to the still to be formed “Association of Chess Professionals” that will be organised to survey on this topic on Elite GMs !


  2. A slight inaccuracy in the above charts; there are more GMs who received their titles when they were 15 than listed.

    Bobby Fischer’s age at the time he received his title was the youngest until Judit Polgarover 30 years later. Fischer’s age is used as the benchmark, and kicked off as such when Polgar came under that benchmark, a result at which Kasparov apparently expressed disbelief. Since then of course the list of GMs with titles under Fischer’s benchmark age have increased dramatically to 33 as at this date.

    BUT…there are many other GMs who scored their titles between between Fischer’s age of 15.5 and 16 years of age. They are of course of interest to their fans, as are all GMs, but of less interest to this table as they are not as “prodigious” as Fischer and his successor young GMs.

    • My reference on the “Youngest grandmasters” table are records from who also recently had updated it as of 2 May 2012 (see reference below), the day after i’ve published and updated this article when India’s Vaibhav Suri came in as the 27th Youngest GM. The real problem in updating & monitoring this feat (Youngest GM) are the data that are not readily available from FIDE’s records since it is not published officially unlike the current every other month official publication of the FIDE ratings where i’ve based the Youngest 2600, 2700 & 2800.

      As i ponder from your comment wherein chessbase made Bobby Fischer age as the benchmark ? … i think you are right there ! So i need to rewrite/update this article a little bit on this regard sometime later.

      But of course if we also consider ages between 15.5 and below 16 yrs of age we need data, valid references and a lot of research work from Steinitz time up to the present !? LOL.

      Similarly, if you had noticed i’ve also limited initially my research on the Top 6 (2600, 2700 & 2800) due to time constraint in validating the data if i expand it further. On the Super-GM it became Top 7 due to the entry of GM Illya Nyzhnyk starting May 2012 FIDE rating. We could now use this too as our benchmark for 2600, 2700 & 2800 ! LOL.

      Much thanks for the comments & input. God bless you !


  3. There’s no need to research youngest GM stats prior to Fischer, as he overtook Spassky (aged 18) in the youngest GM stakes. Also worth remembering that modern GMs only came into existence in 1950 when FIDE created the title officially. The term was used more or less unofficially before then.

    The lineage from youngest GM from Fischer to Polgar and so on listed at chessbase is fully up to date, have no fear of that, and has recently been updated to take into account Suri Vaibhav’s addition to the youngest GM club.

    If you want to include everyone who gained their GM title between the ages of 15.5 and 16, it would be a comparatively straightforward exercise working off FIDE records of existing GMs. There will probably be 20 or so in this group and most will date from the last 10 years.

  4. Never heard of hyper or hydra GM before. I think super GMs are above 2700. For 2600-2700 it’s sufficient to call them strong GMs. No need for other titles because it starts to sound silly.

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