Round 10

2012 Chess Olympiad R10
7 September 2012

Team Philippines (Open) incredible 8-round run in the 40th Olympiad where it stood side-by-side with the World’s Chess Titans, a share of 2nd to 6th places by the end of R8, was put to a stop by the mighty #6 seed China in R9.

Liren Ding who played at Bo. 2 against Oliver Barbosa inflected the Philippines initial loss in R9.  Chao Li followed suit inflicting Mark Paragua’s 1st loss in the tournament at Bo.4.  Xiangzhi Bu also defeated Eugene Torre at Bo. 3 to gain a huge 3-0 lead.  Wesley So saved the day for Team Philippines avoiding a shut-out loss by drawing at 64th move    against Hyper GM Wang Hao(2726) at Bo.1. The final score was ½-3½ for Team China.

For the record and accounting, the R9 draw of Wesley So Vs Hao Wang was his ‘Nr. 6’ in the 2012 Olympiad against 2700+ GMs & his 38th  No-Loss Record Vs GMs with 2700+ rating“.


Top row (L-R): R2:GM Bologan,Viktor MDA(2734);R4:GM Aronian, Levon ARM(2816);R6:GM Topalov,Veselin BUL(2752)
Bottom(L-R) :R7:GM Leko, Peter HUN(2737);R8:GM Adams, Michael ENG(2722); GM Wang, Hao CHN(2726)

Team Philippines(Women) suffered the same fate bowing to the #10 seed Romania.  With two loses at Bo.1 & 3 and a draw at  Bo. 2, it was a clear loss for the Philippines after the first three boards were completed.  Jan Jodilyn Fronda playing at Bo.4 was the sole winner for the Philippines.   The final score was  1½-2½ for Team Romania.

Team Standings:

After R9, Team Philippines(Open) shares 8th to 16th places, 12th overall with 13-match-points.

Team Philippines(Women) with the R9 loss, shares 38th to 53rd places, 39th overall, with 10-match-points.

Round 10 Team Pairings:

Round 10 pairs Team Philippines(Open) Vs #27 seed Vietnam, while Team Philippines(Women) will play against #83 seed Malaysia in an all South East Asia (SEA) events of the day.

R10 Preview

Round 10 Board Pairings are as follows:

Bo. 1: GM So, Wesley PHI(2652) Vs Le, Quang Liem VIE(2693)

GM Wesley So will be handling the white pieces against GM Le, Quang Liem whose rating in this tournament is at  2693.   Therefore, Wesley So’s  No-Loss Record Vs GMs with 2700+ ratingwill not be put ‘on the line’  in this encounter.

Round 10 Results:


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