Round 5

2012 Chess Olympiad R5

Round-4, was indeed an initial stage of the “Battle of Chess Titans” (Open Section) and the battle of  the “Perfect scorers” as well after round-3(R3), where the #1 seed Russia asserted its might winning 3-1 against #6  seed China. So with the defending champion & #2 seed Ukraine winning 3-1 against #16 seed Poland.  Title contenders #5 seed USA tied at 2-2 with #13 seed India.  #7 seed Azerbaijan also made a truce @ 2-2 with #14 seed Germany, and  #8 seed France also did a 2-2 results against #11 seed England.

Armenia (#3) Vs Philippines (#35) – 2012 Chess Olympiad

The much awaited Battle between the #3 titan Armenia, against the Tournament’s surprise R3 perfect scorer, the ‘not so titan‘  #35 seed Team Philippines, where many had predicted an easy win for Armenia, turned out a narrow escape win, a 2½-1½, for the 2006 & 2008 Olympiads Champion.

Armenia’s Top Board player GM Levon Aronian, after Armenia’s narrow victory against the Philippines, had only but praise to his opponent GM Wesley So saying, “he is a talented player from a country with great chess culture”  in an interview with after the game (see above video). Additionally, he advised Wesley So to “play many tournaments, continue improving and concentrate a bit more on positional chess”.

Team Philippines (Women), registered their 3rd win in 4-rounds, a 3-1 win against  Mexico.

Round 5 (R5) – Preview

For R5  Team Philippines (Open)  will now be paired with the #51 seed Iceland.

While Team Philippines (Women) plays #61 seed South Africa.

Round 5 –  Results:

Team Philippines (Open & Women) both scored 3-1 against their respective opponents in Round 5.  With these feat,  Team Philippines(Open) is now in 11th position while Team Philippines(Women) now in 13th position with  8-points each from their respective 4Wins & 1Loss in five rounds.

To be continued ..

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