Round 3

2012 Chess Olympiad R3

At the World Chess Olympiad, generally Round-1 is a warm-up for the higher seeded  teams and Round-2 is when each team starts to heat up their respective team engines and setting up the pace to keep abreast with the other teams.

For Round-3,  is staying on the lead for the leading teams and a catch-up round for slow starters or to those who were not able to stay in pace with the leaders.

Team Philippines (Open/Men)  after winning rounds 1&2 and now pacing with  33 other teams with a perfect score of 4-points each (2-pts for a Team-Win,  1-pt for Team-Draw &  zero for Team-loss) will aim for another win in Round-3 against  #40 seed Kazakhstan to keep in pace with the early leaders.

While Team Philippines (Women) who responded well at the sound of the Olympiad’s starting gun  by winning Round-1 had slowed down a bit due to a narrow loss, 2½-1½, against the #16 seed Slovenia.  They remain at 2-pts after Round-2 and will be aiming for a catch-up win against #58 seed Turkmenistan.

GM Wesley So Interview @ 2012 Olympiad Rnd-2

Interview with GMs Fier and Wesley So (Round 2)


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Round-3 RESULTS:

To be continued …

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