Round 1

2012 Chess Olympiad R1

 A Record breaking 158 nations start competing starting 28 August 2012 at the World Chess Olympiad in Istanbul, Turkey.

The games begin at 15:00 local time (Istanbul) and can be followed live at the official website.  (Note:  Manila, Philippines time at 8:00 PM).

Chessbomb @ will also provide ‘Live’ coverage.

The drawing of colors was performed during the opening ceremony. The top seeded team in the open section Russia will play with black on the first board. The top seeded team in the women section China will start with the white color.

Men/Open Section:

Round 1 Team-Pairings:

#78 Dominican Republic Vs #1 Russia.
#2 Ukraine play Vs  #79 seed Iraq.
#80 Bolivia  Vs #3 Armenia

At board-33:  #113 Libra Vs  #35 Philippines

Women Section:

#1 seed China plays against # 63 seed Bangladesh
#64 Bolivia Vs  #2 Russia

At board-54:   #121 Pakistan Vs  #57 Philippines

Round-1 RESULTS:  Open   &  Women

See hereat:


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