40th World Chess Olympiad (2012) : Gallery

The 40th World Chess Olympiad  took place on 27 August to 10 September 2012, in Istanbul Expo Center, Istanbul, Turkey.  The Venue of the opening & closing ceremonies was at WOW Convention Center.  A record breaking 158 nations represented by their respective national chess federations participated.

The WOW Hotel and Convention Center

Olympiad Venue : Istanbul Expo Center

You could also visit hereat Link for The Final 2012 Olympiad Report.

R2: Philippines Vs Moldova

GM Wesley So Interview @ 2012 Olympiad Rnd-2

R3: Kazakhstan Vs Philippines

R4:  Philippines Vs Armenia

Top row(L-R): Bo.1 WIM Catherine Perena & Bo.2 WFM Rulp Ylem Jose
Bottom row(L-R):Bo.3 Janelle Mae Frayna,Bo.4 Jedara Docena & Bo.5 Jan Jodilyn Fronda 

R5: Iceland Vs Philippines

R6: Philippines Vs Bulgaria

R7: Philippines Vs Hungary

R8: England Vs Philippines

R9: Philippines Vs China

R10: Philippines Vs Vietnam

R11: Romania Vs Philippines

Closing Ceremony

More Pics

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